The State Institute of Urban Development (SIUD), Mysuru is an urban sector apex State Training Institute, established by the Department of Urban Development, Government of Karnataka in the year 1999.

The institute is situated in the Administrative Training Institute (ATI), Mysuru.The Institute became an Autonomous Institute in August 2001.

The SIUD has a Governing Body and a Governing Council (Executive Committee)
Ensuring good urban governance through capacity building and Research
To build capacities of all stakeholders in Urban Local Body(ULBs) Suggest methodilogies through action reasearch and documentation of best practices Enhancing capacity for improving the quality of Urban Good Governance Upgrading the skills of the Urban Functionaries Bringing Attitudinal Changes at all levels
Role of SIUD
Capacity Building for improvement in the delivery of services in urban area Enhancing the quality of urban infrastructure and promoting good governance. Upgrading the skills of the functionaries Bringing attitudinal changes Application of recent technology in urban governance