Best Practices -1

Trin-Trin  Cycling activity adopted in Mysore city by Mysore City Corporation :

The Key objective of  Trin -Trin is to encourage local commuters, as well as visitors, to use the bicycle in preference to motorized modes of travel and thereby help scale down the multifarious environmental and road-traffic hazards, enhance conveyance convenience, and make local daily commutes economical for the common citizen. Trin -Trin will induce health  benefits not only for the public at large by facilitating reduction in Air pollution.



Best Practices -2

Best Practices -3

Installation of  Wet Waste Aerobic Composter in State Institute of  Urban Development Department Premises ,ATI Campus, Mysore.

A 40Kg Wet Waste Aerobic Composter is installed in the State Institute of Urban Development Department Premises, ATI Campus, Mysore. Since Jan 2019 it is operated and maintained by the SIUD Garden maintenance staff under the guidance of M/s.NIE CREST, Mysore. Presently about 30Kgs of Wet Kitchen waste is fed daily along with 10kgs of Bio-Cleaning blocks (Composting media) Bio Compost will be produced after 50days by Aerobic Decomposition of  the Waste by Aerobic Microorganisms.

a)Process Methodology:
•    Quantity of  Kitchen waste = 40Kg
•    The Composter has to be filled initially with (Iv-Initial Volume) 2 Cum of Compacted garden leaf waste at the bottom to absorb moisture content & housing  Aerobic Microorganisms .
•    Everyday 40kg of kitchen waste + 15kg of leaf waste + 10kg of composting media (Bio-clean blocks), totalling to 65Kgs has to be fed.
•    Processing  duration for composting = 50days


(Innovative Approach to 10MLD Waste Water Recycling Plant, Bangalore)

The Model :

  • Designing & Construction of  STPs / TTPs
    • EPC ( Trough International Competitive Bidding)
  • Operation & Maintenance of Plant
    • Service Contract (PPP, Through National Competitive Bidding)

Yelahanka TTP:

  • 10 MLD Tertiary Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • The project is funded by KUIDFC / HUDCO under Megacity Scheme & partly through Indo- French protocol
  • BWSSB is the owner of the asset and responsible for executing the project.
  • BWSSB in turn has appointed Private Contractor to operate and maintain the facility less than three years Service Contract.
  • O&M Service Contract Partner : SPML & Decremented (Consortium)
  • Relatively short contract duration.
  • No issues of ownership transfer.
  • BWSSB is able to save on the expensive cost of employees for O & M of the facility.
  • The water is sold to the industries at the rate of Rs. 25/Kilo for piped supply & at Rs.15kl for onsite pick.



Biomethanation plant in Udupi ,CMC